What is German Volume Training and How Does it Work?

In most weight training and exercise circles, GVT is the name given to German Volume training. This form of training has been for a long time to help bodybuilders, power lifters and Olympic lifers to attain their training goals. Here are some facts about this training technique and how it is beneficial for athletes as well as those people who simply want to keep in shape.

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What is GVT?

German volume training originated from Germany, hence the title. While some say that the name originated in the 1990s, gaining prominence in 1996 when Charles Poliquin talked about it in the Muscle Media 2000 magazine, some are of the opinion that GVT’s origin traces far back. Some say that the training technique could even be traced back to the 1940s.

How does it Work?

GVT involves doing ten sets of ten, which means that you have to do ten sets of compound lifts and repeat each set ten times. Basically, you will have done 100 reps altogether once you complete your ten sets of ten. The idea behind GVT is sticking with the same weight when you do each set of ten, for all the ten sets. After you reach a point where you can do all your ten sets of ten, you can change your weight to a heavier number. This training is supposed to be done with only one type of exercises, either with the bench press, barbell row, squats or the overhead press.

GVT works in such a way that you do one set of ten and then rest for a minute or 90 seconds before you get on to the next set of ten.

For how Long Should you do GVT?

The German Volume Training is a technique which works out the whole body. For the first day, you can choose to do a compound lift of one group of muscles, for example, the chest and back muscles. The second day can be spent working on another group of muscles, say the legs and abs. After doing the technique for two consecutive days, you can rest on day three and then work out another group of muscles on day four. You can also take day five off.

After the first six weeks of abiding by this routine, it is time to reduce on the intensity. This is also the time to reduce on the reps. You can do ten sets of six reps instead of the initial ten. You can go on with the reduced intensity for three weeks and if you think you can do more, going for the advanced GVT program would be advisable.

Pros and Extra Tips

Using GVT as a training program is very beneficial for athletes and those who want to keep fit. Even though the routine can be hard at first, you can build your stamina along the way. If you start on the routine, make sure that you maintain a healthy diet high in protein and carbs. It is also advisable that you drink plenty of water and take multivitamins.